Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiaras and Toilets

Some ideas I wish I could claim as my own. Unfortunately there is nothing new under the sun. So let me preface this post and tell you that the idea of cleaning in a tiara came from one of my spiritual mentors, Linda. Now that I have your attention:

A couple of weeks ago my Friday night lifegroup ended up being all women, with most of us single. We talked a lot about the challenges facing single women in todays world, and how as followers of Christ, we need to set a very high standard for anyone who wants to date us. The consensus was that we are daughters of the King; therefore, we are princesses and should be treated as such.

Out of my mouth pops: "In fact, I want a TIARA!" A nice tiara. Not those chintzy dollar store tiaras. We started joking about taking a shopping excursion to purchase them.
During the conversation I mentioned that whenever we are tired of cooking, running the vacuum, dusting or cleaning the toilet, we should put on our tiaras and remember to whom we belong while we are doing it. (Thanks Linda!).

Jen G looks at me and says: "If you put a pic of yourself on Facebook cleaning the tiolet while wearing a tiara, I will definitely go shopping with you!"

I did. Here it is. You owe me a shopping trip, Jen.


PS. The lei was Bab's idea. I thought it added a nice touch.


  1. OK...that is hilarious! Love it, Princess G.


  2. Get one one of those lil things that make your water blue LOL! I'll stick with the camo hat! And you so need to make this your profile pic! Lastly don't forget men face the same turmoil women do when it comes to dating!!