Saturday, March 7, 2009

Facing the Giants

I posted this on facebook too.

This movie has been out for awhile and I absolutely love it. Here is a clip from the scene that has had the most impact on me.

So what do you think? If God never gives you ___________ will you still love Him?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Lemonade

Well, here we are back at positive post Tuesday! This week went by so fast, and so much happened.

1. Wednesday night I rushed out of work to head to a Stats test, but when I tried to start the car, I only heard "click-click-click"...I flagged down a coworker who said he had jumper cables, and called my friend Bob. Long story short, I needed a new battery. Most people would say nothing good could possibly come of this, but I learned that I will survive just fine in this type of crisis without hubby.

2. Thursday, I took my sore throat to the Walk-in clinic and found out I was in the early stages of bronchitis. Good thing I went, because it prevented the infection from spreading. The second good thing was that I found out I've lost over 40 pounds since last July. Since I threw out my scale when I moved, I have had no other way of telling what I've lost. Woohoo!!

3. A co-worker was teasing me about my too-large pants. Told me they were like parachute pants, cause they are sooo baggy. So I went shopping, found a pair that fit, and is four sizes smaller from where I started last summer. PLUS: When I paid, I made a comment about the price, and the cashier told me the pants would be an additional 40% tomorrow. I was going to go back tomorrow, but she decided to give it to me today. So....$89 pants for $27.00. Since I had a gift card for $25, I'm pretty happy.

Even though I missed God's sunset, I definitely know He was with me anyways.