Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Cup Overfloweth

Last week I received a round trip ticket to fly to Philly and see my family. I went up this weekend, and got to spend some awesome time with my youngest niece, as well as other members of my family.

I have a fairly large family, and I try to get back whenever I can because we are all very bad at communicating, so sometimes the trips back are the only times I get to talk to my older siblings. It seems like every time we see each other we vow to keep in closer contact, only to not do it. This trip had so little advanced notice, and was so short, I decided to simply play the whole weekend by ear. As a result, I got to see 1 brother, 1 sister and 2 cousins.

1 brother: Cliff. He has a wife and baby. The baby will be 1 in two weeks. She is so adorable, and so much fun to be around. I fell in love with her over Christmas holidays, and she just continues to steal my heart every time I'm around her.

1 sister: Judy. She's the oldest girl, and went out of her way to make sure she stopped by to see me. I was thrilled to hang with her and her husband for a little bit. We hardly ever talk, but I think we should more often! :0)

Cousin 1: Michelle. I miss her. She's one of my closest friends, and has been since high school. At the moment, we are both single, so we spent some good 'girly' time talking about guys. :)

Cousin 2: Virginia. God knew she needed me this weekend. I love her dearly, and am closer to her than my sisters. She desperately needed encouragement, and God worked it out that we were able to spend time together -- away from our families -- and just chill out. I hope that I was the vessel God needed me to be today. I am sad that I don't live up there and can't help her in more practical ways but I am - no doubt about it - called to stay in Tampa.

Wednesday night a friend lent me a book called The Names of God to read on the plane. It was supposed to be The Screwtape Letters, but he needed that one, so he impulsively gave me The Names of God instead. I have heard quite a bit of the information in this book before, but it was good to have a refresher. I'm positive it was a God thing, because of the encouragement that book has given me. I am so peaceful right now, so secure in what God will do for me. I want to hold onto this feeling forever. My cup overfloweth.

Next up: Tomorrow night I am playing "photographer" for a wing eating competition. Wednesday night starts a new session for the choir. I think I'll keep my mouth shut this time around. Avoid that solo...

May the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, consume your heart and make you whole.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stats stink sunday...

Its been a weird couple of weeks....

1. Policy change in expenses at work have left us slammed with calls, resulting in a bit of OT (never a bad thing)...

2. I finished up the spring semester at school on April 29th, and started what felt like a whirlwind social life. This weekend is the first I've been primarily at home all month. I kinda like it.

3. Divorce was finalized on Thursday. I am just happy its behind us, and we can both move forward from here. I was pretty nervous to see him, but once I saw him I didn't really have any reaction other than relief that he showed up. Not that I thought he wouldn't, but still, he was coming to FL from NJ. It is a bit of a hike for for a 10 minute hearing.

4. So just for kicks, because of the ads for "free communication" I opened a profile on eHarmony. Found some interesting people. Not really positive that I'm ready. My ex left for NJ on 8/1 of last year, and I've been on my own, healing and moving forward since then. The thought of being back in the "dating pool" is a little terrifying. I feel kinda sorry for the first few guys I meet, 'cause I'll probably have a lot of dating gaffs while trying to figure out how much to reveal and how much to keep to myself when it comes to my last relationship. I guess if a guy can stomach those kinds of mistakes, he might be the kind of guy with whom I should be involved. hahaha. Meantime, my focus is FORWARD with these goals: finishing school, losing the excess weight, and becoming debt free.

5. I should really have led with this one, cause its GREAT, and I'm all about good stuff...but since there was some not so hot news earlier in the post, I can wrap up with something awesome. :)

Friday afternoon in our team chat my manager mentions he has credits for southwest airlines about to expire. He's willing to negotiate a reasonable price in exchange. I laughed and said I would love to use them, but the only "price" i could afford was free. Long story short, I'm flying home to see my folks this weekend. YAY!! The only thing my manager is asking me to do: Feed my teammates something homemade... I THINK I might be able to handle that...

Down side: I have an appointment for a haircut that will need to be juggled, I'll miss Lindsay's graduation :( and Ashlie's baby shower. :((. Other than that, it'll be good to see my parents again.

6. Up next: Oklahoma on June 13th. Can't wait, but I guess I must!

7. One of my fellow bloggers signs his posts: All the Love in the Universe, ME. I love that. I wish I had thought of it first. O well.

Have a FABULOUS week! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

help menus

Tonight I realized I'm not as tech savvy as I used to think. In fact, the longer I work in tech support, the more I realize how little I actually do know. Case and point:

1. Last week my neighbor, Amanda, was trying to show me some photos on her laptop. She was all freaked out because of virus warnings. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, "What should I do??!!!" I told her to run her antivirus scan. Advised her to keep her antivirus software current. Don't mess with viruses. Get whatever the latest greatest software is available to protect your computer. I know nothing about viruses, other than they are more often than not, very BAD news. I contracted the Facebook virus back when it was going around. That's when I realized I know nothing about viruses. Fortunately I work with some very talented people who do, but sadly my laptop still needed reimaged.

2. Due to MySpace I had some basic understanding of HTML. That is not to say I know anything about building web pages, because I don't. I learned that during my final project for my Advanced Tech Writing class. We had to put together a website and load sample pages onto it. I ended up paying for a host with a template so I wouldn't have to sit and figure it all out. One of my goals this summer is to learn the basics, so I can get my own site ( up and running.

3. I deal with idiots on the phone all the time. People with CPA licenses asking me questions about why their corporate cards are not balancing. It blows my mind. What I have come to understand from these people is that an application is NOT "user friendly" if they have to read directions to understand how to use it. I'm actually ok with that. It gives tech support job security. So imagine my consternation when I had this thought cross my mind: "I can't understand why my iTunes won't play the whole dang playlist instead of just one song!! I've searched and searched for options but there aren't any! So much for Apple being user friendly!" DO'H!!!!

No, I never read the directions. Guess I should go now and read the help menu. Then I wouldn't be sitting here in silence trying to figure out what I want to blog about next.