Sunday, April 11, 2010

Worthiness: Truth and Lies Part II

This blog started out as an update to Truth and Lies; however, I felt God speaking some serious truths worthy of a new post.

The spark that made me realize that I was buying into the lies was the statement "I'm not WORTHY of that, yet." The moment I spoke those words out loud (in my car) a light bulb went off. Worthiness is a condition humans will always aspire to, and never achieve.

We are called, as disciples of Christ to be like Him. The goals that I mentioned in Truth and Lies are all worthy goals. They are goals that get me out of bed early in the morning to seek God, read His word, and pray. They are goals that propel me out the door into life outside my bedroom. But they are goals. They are not conditions that make me in any way "worthy". There is nothing I can DO to make me worthy of His love, His grace, and His mercy. There is no worthy outside of Christ. Jesus was my perfect sacrifice because I could never be worthy enough for His blessings, especially when I try to act in my own power. Only my faith in Christ and my acknowledgment that He is Lord makes me worthy.

As a disciple, I am called to obedience. I am held accountable for the light God gives me. I fall short every time my will is not aligned with that of my Master. I can always tell when my will is trying to take over God's. I start rationalizing why I am behaving this way, or thinking that way. My inner self becomes completely conflicted and I start an internal dialogue that begins with "BUT"... But what? But I WANT it!! Yes, and just like every good parent, God knows not just what I WANT, but what is GOOD for me. He will withhold NO GOOD thing from me. It is time to be STILL, to know He is God. To know HE knows best, and allow Him to speak truth and love into my life. This is why staying in the Word is so important. Staying in the Word allows me to recognize the lies of Satan, battle these lies, and submit completely to the Spirit much more quickly.

If you are fighting these battles I have a few suggestions:
1. Read the Word daily.
2. Journal. Even if you just write down the scripture you read today. Writing helps clarify thoughts, and retain information. It takes discipline to do it every day, but it is worth the sacrifice of time.
3. Get an accountability partner. Someone you can trust to speak truth into your life when you are struggling with the lies. Someone who will pray with you, over you, and challenge the thought process that causes you to buy into the lies.
4. If you are NOT part of a body of Christ, find one. Now. The Bible tells us that Satan comes as a roaring lion, seeking to devour. You all know that lions prey on the weak. The weak are always easily spotted because they are alone. When the weak become part of a herd, the herd will move to protect the weak by surrounding it. The church is your herd. When you are in the body of Christ, the body surrounds you and helps protect you from the attacks the lion will attempt to make.

Things of this world will never fulfill us. Only in Christ are we satisfied. I take this truth for myself: In Christ, I am complete. He is enough.

Jesus loves you. He is passionate about you. He will never leave you, or forsake you. In Him, you are beautiful, you are passionately loved, you are worthy.

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