Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stats Stink Sunday...

Yah, still the same drill:

1. In the middle of reading Virginia Woolf's Jacob's Room. Very confusing. Reminds me of those pictograms my Dad used to go ape over...You know, the ones where you see these bright, geometrical designs, but a picture is hidden in the background and you have to unfocus your eyes to actually see it?

2. My sinuses are still draining. I'm ready for this to be OVER.

3. I finally hooked up my laptop to my new tv. Now I can use the tv as an external monitor. I can also use my laptop to play dvds on my tv. Hooray for modern technology. I can't believe I put up with that old tube tv for a whole year.

4. I found out that if I unplug the sound connector that hooks my laptop to the tv sound system, I can plug it into my ipod and play my ipod through my tv speakers. Awesome. Welcome to techonology 2009, Gillian.

5. I went to a partylight party Saturday night and won the door prize. Woohoo!! Since I never win ANYTHING, I was quite pleased. It is a silver lamp. Will look v nice in my new room. When I get to the new room, I'll post pics.

6. Went to Ikea today and am going to spring for a new bedframe, dresser, shelving units, desk and chair when I move in with Tonya. Just doing my part to contribute to economic recovery, y'all...

7. Sick of living in apartments. Looking forward to moving in with Tonya and living in a HOUSE!!!

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