Sunday, September 13, 2009


1. So I was pretty sick this week. Disappointing, since I was off Monday and Friday, and I ended up working from home on Wednesday and calling out sick Thursday. I hate calling out sick. I wanted to go to work because I have some interesting projects going. I was off on Friday anyway, but I spent the majority of the day battling my sinuses.

2. Friday was the 8th anniversary of the infamous 9-11 terrorist attack on the United States. This attack affected our entire country, destroyed our sense of safety, and has forever changed our definition of homeland security.

3. Football started Thursday night. I realized I still love the game, still miss Philly and its CRAZY fans, miss having someone to watch it with me.

4. Was at Westshore Pizza yesterday picking up a slice when a guy walks in with a black shirt printed with a Flyers logo (in black and grey) and a clover in the center. My face lit up and I think I said, FLYERS!! He laughed and said something about an "irish team". I left with my slice, and a longing for the crisp, cool, northern autumn air and all it portends in the sports world.

5. My life took a very drastic turn in the past couple of weeks. I had plans at the beginning of summer -- plans I believed that God was revealing slowly but surely. I have prayed all summer over where to live, how to proceed in ministry and what God wants for me, and from me. Turns out the plan changed. I am moving to Riverview, which is probably a 50 minute drive from Lutz, and I am now in a new church (The Crossing). It is AWESOME, and exactly what I need right now. I will miss my FBCL family, but I have some growing and stretching to do. It's not going to be easy -- I suspect there will be some extremely painful moments -- but I know that God has only the best for me, and I trust Him.

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