Monday, August 31, 2009

SS Sundays....a day late....

Welcome to Stats Stink Sundays where everything is random because noone reads it anyways...Mine is a day late -- so sue me...

1. The Choir did a special worship service Friday night and 2x Sunday. It was AWESOME! Get to do it one more time tonight with the prison ministry.

2. Saturday night my church had a dinner for everyone who went to Tahlequah, OK for the building mission. Food was awesome. They announced they are expanding missions to overseas. I put in my bid for Africa. Just sayin'...

3. Women (and unavailable men) keep complimenting me on how great I look since I've lost all this weight. I joke around a go...yeah, when are the guys going to notice...but secretly I get all warm and fuzzy inside. One of my favorite women at church told me I looked "stunning" on Sat night. Noone has EVER said that to me. Thank you, Jenny. :)

4. I went shopping and spent a whopping amount of money on a new dress because I looked hot wearing it and because it is officially the SMALLEST size I've purchased in something like 14 years. I cried when I put it on and realized how perfectly it fit.
5. Went back to school Thursday night. Taking a lit class called Modern Short Novels. Love it, love the teacher, loved the material. Should be a good semester!!

6. I'm moving to Riverview, which will take me really far away from my current church. I have found another church, but I am going to miss FBL like crazy. Change is good, but I resist it strongly. I'm moving in with a friend of mine, and it will enable both of us to hit some significant financial goals over the next year or so. I'm excited, just sad to be leaving my church. They are like family to me, and have been soooo supportive over the past 5 years.

7. I have something going on every night this week. I think I will keep next weekend free of any plans. After this week things should settle down. Looking forward to it.


  1. Stats Stink Sundays, LOL. And yeah, you rock the dress.

  2. tyty, rufus. do u have facebook? sooo much better than myspace....(hint hint)

  3. Sure do:

    clicking on my name should bring you there also (instead of that monstrous link).

    I agree, much better than My Space. I post song lyrics and such all the time.