Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ninjas took my wallet...and other items I found this weekend

Friday night I was going out to The Garden for a 40th birthday party. In preparation, I emptied my license, ATM card, credit card, and miscellaneous health care cards out of my ginormous wallet into my tiny purse. I threw some makeup and my blackberry in the bag and took off for the Garden. It was an AWESOME time!!

Saturday, I got up and went to breakfast with Nana. I looked absolutely adorable (smaller clothes -- that's another blog) and I had everything I needed for the morning. When I got home, I changed for tailgating at the Rays game, and went for my wallet, but it was gone. Now, I have an extremely small apartment, and I was secure in the knowledge that I had that wallet in my hand, inside my apartment on Friday night. So I searched methodically, starting with my recliner, because I was pretty sure I put my lazy behind in my comfy recliner while I was going through my wallet. Nothing. Thirty minutes goes by, no wallet.

I texted my friends and let them know my predicament: my ticket to the Rays game was in that wallet. Otherwise, there was no reason I would bother to look for it, or miss it. I checked my car three times. I tilted my recliner up to see if it fell underneath. I searched my laptop bag, unzipping all the front pockets. Nothing. I felt sick. One of my friends texted me back that she had an extra ticket and was leaving for the game, so I jumped in my car and met her there.

I had a great time at the game. When I got home, I looked some more. No wallet. I could only conclude that either I was overlooking something obvious, or ninjas had broken into my apartment and taken my wallet, leaving my laptop, jewelry, and all of my outdated electronic equipment sitting there. They were SO good, they even LOCKED THE DOOR BEHIND THEM, Y'ALL!!

Today I got home from church, reached down next to the sofa and grabbed my laptop bag. It was heavier than it should be. Suspiciously I reached into the pocket that holds my laptop and pulled out the missing money holder. Amazingly enough, the NINJAS had broken back in and REPLACED it...they KNEW I was on to them...

Also recovered today: my missing sleeping bag and tools from my trip to Tahlequah. The story is this as follows:
While in Tahlequah, I gave my sleeping bag and tools to Sam to put in the church van on the return trip so I would not need to carry them on the plane. When the church van returned a week later, Sam told me my stuff was probably in the Student Ministry building. I found Kyle, our youth pastor, and asked him if he had knew where the stuff was, and he denied all knowledge. Sam concluded that my tools and sleeping bag had gotten thrown into the church's trailer, which was now in its "garage". There isn't enough room in the garage to open the trailer, so I was going to have to wait until they pulled the trailer back out to get my stuff. No biggie -- just a minor inconvenience.

Imagine, then, my surprise today when Kyle pulls a box out of his office and announces an "Auction". There, on the top, I recognize my sleeping bag. Sure enough, it was in a box in his office for the last three weeks. The part that remains unclear is who had it from the time it disappeared out of the church van, until the time it appeared in Kyle's office. Since he is the Absent Minded Pastor (or really busy -- depends on who you believe), he left it there until it started bugging him. Thank God he didn't pull that box out last week when I was busy singing with the choir in both services, and wouldn't have been there to lay claim to my stuff.

So there you have it. Ninjas broke into my apartment TWICE, and they ALSO broke into our Youth building. Go figure.

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