Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saying "Yes" to God...

My New Year's resolution is to say Yes! to God. Last year I committed to a deeper prayer life, and saw some pretty amazing changes occur. This year, I decided if I don't want God to discipline me the hard way, I had better develop better "listening" skills and say "YES" when I heard Him speak.

I had plans. Funny how I keep doing that. I think God must just shake His head and smile when I do that. Don't think for one moment I am saying it's not good to have goals, and work towards them. However, we need to be flexible enough to recognize when the plan isn't what we should be doing. I have a goal: have my degree by my 36th birthday. To reach that goal, I need to complete 10 classes by May 2011. There are (with 3 summer sessions) 5 semesters before I hit the big three-six. My plan was to take 3 this semester, 3 in the summer, 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring. The problem with the plan is it does cost money. While my company provides tuition reimbursement, not all the costs are covered, and the money still needs to be paid upfront. Up till this semester, I would put it on my credit card, then pay it back at the end of the semester.

Putting the tuition on my credit card will not work this semester. Nor do I have cash on hand to pay $1600 (not including books) up front for tuition. So I have a choice: Get a loan or take fewer classes. I wrestled with this, and finally put in an application for a loan.

Meantime, I have also been looking for ways to get involved with my church. I have been attending services since September, and am looking for ways to serve the local body. I already know I am going to South Africa next fall, but I also wanted to volunteer locally. Like usual, I have been praying sincerely for guidance, because I do not want to put a foot wrong in this matter. Last night, during the Communion service, I got my answer. Take only one class (online) and sign up for Leadership Development Training at the Church. Get involved with the intercessory (prayer) team.

So there you have it. Just like that, the plan has changed. It's going to be an interesting, exciting year. I am saying YES to God in this matter. I am diving in, going deep, letting go of the status quo, and whatever else you might want to call it. I know some people who read this will think I'm crazy. But I keep thinking: "In light of ETERNITY, which is more important? Saying YES to God, or getting a college degree?" Worldly wisdom vs Godly wisdom. No contest there.

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