Sunday, October 11, 2009

stats stink sunday

Diving right in...

  1. Weekend was busy. I should have planned better. Saturday I got a haircut, which made me feel good. :) Problem is, it spoiled all other plans that had anything doing with the upcoming move.
  2. Saturday night, the "Follow Me" concert was awesome!! It was so cool seeing Brandon Heath and Leeland up close and personal like that. Francesca Batistelli was awesome too. :)
  3. This morning was church, followed by lunch at the church, followed by a trip to Lowe's for paint and supplies, followed by dropping that stuff at Tonya's, followed by a trip to Ikea.
  4. Ikea was exhausting. I went up to the showroom to get the bin number for the dresser since I decided to get the white instead of the blue one. The I went up to the delivery service desk and found out that yes, I had to pull the stock myself. So I took my paper and went to the floor and pulled the stock. I was about to pull the bed when I realized that I wanted a different bed, and didn't have the stock number. The aisle was crammed with people and carts, so I gave up, and headed for checkout. After checkout, back to the delivery desk, where I found out to my dismay that I DIDN'T need 3 weeks leeway on delivery, and if they hold anything over 3 days, I would need to pay $5 a day for "storage" fees. Let me say, there was a guy who helped me find the right bin number, another guy who pulled the stock out for me, I arranged delivery for Wednesday night, and I was on my way not too long after that. But I was beat. The stuff was heavy, and pushing it around the floor on a cart was quite an exercise. I came home and I want to crash. Only problem with that? I have a midterm Thursday night...

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  1. They are an incredible band! :) Have fun on the 20th!