Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its a week later and my bum still itches...

Last week I went to First Baptist Lutz for Judgement House. If you know what Judgement House is, skip to the next paragraph. Judgement House, for the uninitiated, is an huge production (like a play) set up in a church. Instead of sitting passively in your seats and watching a play on stage, you walk from room to room where the "scenes" are set up. It's a guided tour, and usually goes in groups of 10 or so people. Because you are walking and the actors are staying in each room, there are ways to identify the different characters as you go through. The Gospel is always presented, and you end with a glimpse of hell and a glimpse of heaven. It's very cool.

So I hooked up with my friend, Danyelle, and we were hanging out at the church prior to Judgement House. Since she teaches 3 and 4 year olds, she wanted to go early and get some things in order in her kids room before the production started. The building was locked and we had to wait for someone with a key. We sat on the little curb outside the church.

Now, those of you who live in Florida know what fireants look like, what their bite feels like, and will pretty much do anything to avoid those horrors. FBL has lots of fireants roaming the grounds. My first indication that something was wrong happened when I felt a tickle at the waistline of my jeans. I reached around and rubbed a little. Next thing I know, I feel a bite right around my tailbone. I jump up, slapping at the back of my jeans a little.

Danyelle wasn't paying much attention to me. I still felt like I could feel the darn ant crawling around. I wriggle accordingly. All the sudden she looks at me and was says something like, whats UP with YOU?? I give her a LOOK and go, I think I have ants in my pants. She laughed hysterically. Told me if that happened to her, she would hide behind the truck and strip off her jeans.

Finally I saw someone pull up and unlock the youth building, so I headed over there to visit the ladies room and check the damage. Yup, I had not one, but TWO fireant bites on my bum. Fortunately, I had benedryl cream with me. Unfortunately, its a week later, and my bum still itches -- although that might just be my imagination.

Judgement House was totally awesome. I was proud of the kids, sad cause I miss hanging with them, and excited for what God is doing in that church.

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