Sunday, October 25, 2009

moving stinks -- sort of

so i'm moving next week. this is a fast update:

Yesterday morning I packed my books (thanks Nicole for the smaller boxes), called the Salvation Army to arrange pickup for the furniture I am donating, and dropped off a box of smaller items at the Goodwill. I have been anxious for the last two months to clear out as much as possible as soon as possible so I will know what size storage unit to get for the stuff I cannot take with me.

I loaded more stuff for the yard sale into my car and hauled them over to Tonya's garage. I then spent the next 5 hours putting together the furniture that was delivered from Ikea. I finished the bed, desk and chair, and most of the dresser. I am still putting together the dresser drawers. YES AS A MATTER OF FACT I AM SORE AS ALL GET OUT. Thanks for asking.

Today I worked on my second essay for my midterm. It's finished except for the citations page. I have to format and cite my first essay as well. I also have approximately 100 pages to read, and a brilliant discussion post to write based on that reading. So no, I don't have to time to stop and play with you. Have fun at the park, movies, pool party, whatever it is you are doing. I will see you next week after I'm all settled in.

As a reward to all this hard work, I will be at Busch Gardens on Monday, November 2nd if you want to join me. I will be riding the outside seat on the front row of Sheik-Ra, barefoot just to terrify myself. Dare you to join me.

UPDATE: Midterm is finished and emailed. Life is good right about now. Except I'm still sore. And still have 40 scholarly pages to read. And a brilliant post to write. Carp. Talk to you next week.

UPDATE #2: Its Monday night. Today was like a day from the area of fire and brimstone. That being said, the not-so- brilliant post is completed and published. I'm wiped. My brain hurtz, but surprisingly enough, my muscles don't anymore. I totally deserve a trip to Busch Gardens. Still haven't found anyone willing to play hookey with me next week. Cowards.

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  1. I'll be there. No wait, gotta work. You deserve a break though, have fun.