Sunday, July 5, 2009

SSS and random stuff

Wow. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last wrote anything. Life is so busy!!

Since this is Stats Stink Sunday, here's the last 4 weeks in bullet points.

1. Left for Tahlequah, OK on June 13th. Went with a huge group of people from my church and we were building a new sanctuary for First Indian Baptist Church. We took a cement slab with nothing and erected walls, put on a roof, ran electric & ac, put on siding and insulation, and installed a Baptistery. I got mortally wounded, but more on that with another post. LOL

2. Because of the mortal wound mentioned above, and because I've been unaccountably exhausted since returning from OK, I haven't been working out in the mornings since I got back. I'm looking forward to returning to the routine.

3. I may have been unaccountably exhausted because I loved being in Tahlequah so much that I wanted to stay for the second week. They put in drywall and painted some rooms in the existing buildings. I think I was kinda depressed that I had to come home.

4. At work, we attempted to close out the books on June 30th but it didn't go well. Let's just say we had load bearing issues on servers while trying to accommodate 30k people submitting final time and expense for the fiscal year and it didn't go well. We extended the deadline by 1 day. It was unprecedented and exhausting.

5. I'm having one of those years when all of my friends are pregnant. I'm genuinely happy for all of them (there's at least 5 here in my home city). Seriously. I love the idea of being able to spoil their kids and give them back. :D

6. Decided I'm still not ready to plunge into the dating scene. I don't know if I'm just being cowardly, or if I'm being smart and giving myself time. There were a few weeks when I really, really, really wanted to jump back into the pool (so to speak), but that seems to have faded and I'm once more focused on the goals I need to accomplish over the next 18 months.

7. I wonder if I can pre-qual for a mortgage? I think I'll call a broker this week...

8. Next up: Daytona with the Highschoolers on July 13th...

((((HUGS)))) G

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