Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 25...all you never wanted to know about me.

Top 25

1. I eat pasta with butter and Kraft Parmesan. Can't be any other brand, it must be Kraft.
2. I rarely eat pasta anymore because I ALWAYS overeat when I do have it.
3. My mom used to cook spaghetti sauce with onions, which I hate, hence #1
4. I can cook, but I choose not to for just me
5. Since Chris left I have to have the closet door closed, otherwise I can't sleep.
6. 7 months later, I still sleep on the right side of the bed. That’s quite a bit of bed unused since it’s a king.
7. I have no tv in the bedroom, so I have trouble falling asleep. I purchased a nature sounds clock which helped a little, but all the sudden I can't sleep when it's on "sounds of the ocean" (my fav setting). Go figure.
8. I love sports. Football, hockey and even baseball, but never basketball. Although I still root for Philly teams, I find myself slowly shifting allegiances to Tampa teams.
9. That being said, when I attended the Flyers/Lightning game I WAS wearing a Flyers jersey, and I was really happy they won.
10. I have a very acerbic sense of humor, probably why I laugh hysterically every time I read Jenny's blog. (not my sister jenny)
11. I am really nice except for certain times of the month, when I become a sarcastic witch.
12. I try really hard to control the sarcastic witch.
13. I believe in personal responsibility. I get really irritated when people try to shift blame to others.
14. Even though Chris chose to leave, and not get counseling, I still sometimes blame myself for the fact that our marriage failed.
15. I am extremely idealistic (could be part of the problem with #14)
16. Before Chris was hospitalized, I was a fairly aggressive driver. Now I'm the person in the far left lane lollygagging at 60mph. Life took on new meaning after he almost died.
17. I'm an incurable romantic. I love Phantom of the Opera, Pretty Woman and Pride and Prejudice, and I still believe in happily ever after.
18. I rarely watch TV anymore. I'm way too busy and never home.
19. I love being around people who challenge me intellectually
20. The people at First Baptist Lutz are a second family to me. I love spending time there because of their warmth and friendship.
21. You can purchase my heart with dark chocolate, and it doesn't need to be godiva. :D
22. I love to read. Sometimes I still carry books into the bathroom with me. My mom used to do this so I come by it honestly. With 9 kids, its probably the only quiet time my mom ever got.
23. I love kids and want my own someday
24. I love being on my own right now, even though it's sometimes scary
25. If something is bothering me, I talk about it nonstop until it's out of my system. I feel sorry for the people around me during this time, but it's almost like an obsessive compulsive disorder. I try really hard to control that too.

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