Monday, April 13, 2009

Facebook Stinks III

I opened a new account under my maiden name. Gillian Kilbride. Go add me if you haven't already. Guess I'll have to rebuild my apps, profile, pics, and everything else. :(

That'll have to wait until after the semester is over. Meantime, at least I'll feel less disconnected.

Y'all take care and come visit my blogspot anytime!


  1. I was just deleted from facebook with absolutely no idea why. They won't respond to my emails. It's kinda like a slap in the face. Did you ever get your old account back? Did they ever tell you why they deleted it?

  2. They didn't delete the account. I just can't get into it. They never did respond to my repeated requests for help. I opened a new account and that is the end of it. My friends all added my new account, and kept the old one. The only remaining annoyance is that they sometimes accidentally post things to my old account instead of my new one.