Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The OTHER 25 things u never wanted to know about me....

1. I try to always put Jesus first.
2. My gift is encouragement and service
3. I love school, although I complain about it a lot. :)
4. My quiet time is my source of strength
5. I collect angel ornaments
6. I miss my family, but love florida too much to move back to philly.
7. I am the youngest of nine kids, and so far I have 28 nieces and nephews
8. I love candles...but due to allergies have to be careful with scents -- no floral
9. I don't like feeling like I have failed at something.
10. I am doing this to avoid my homework.
11. I want to go skydiving
12. I want to learn scuba diving
13. I love socializing, but I value my down time too.
14. Eclectic taste in music -- christian, blues, jazz, rock, pop, and yes, even SOME country.
15. i LOVE to read.
16. i LOVE music.
17. Live concerts are the BOMB!!
18. I have visited every state on the east coast
19. I want to go to Israel and Africa
20. I LOVE my apartment, but I wish that I had moved closer to Lutz.
21. I find I am more on guard with people now than I used to be.
22. I don't know what "Paul is the OG" means
23. If I could live anywhere in the USA i would stay here.
24. I believe that God holds my future securely in His hands.
25. I feel more like a dire warning than a good example.

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  1. I always enjoy your writings, keep them coming.