Tuesday, February 17, 2009

most peaceful high ever

so its positive post tuesday (per brody harper) and i'm going to talk about the BEST date ever.

Two out of five days I get to go home to my complex and watch the sunset over the water. I am so busy most days, I never stop to appreciate the small things. Every Tuesday; however, I rush home from work, change into sweats, walk over to the Bay wall in my complex, and take a front row seat to watch the greatest artist ever paint just for me.

Its the best date ever! I talk to my Daddy, release my worries, and relax. It slows me down for the rest of my hectic week. Tonight I went to the wall and fell in love again with my Redeemer.

The sun was still fairly high in the sky when I arrived. It was warm, and I sat on my sweatshirt, sipped my wine and watched the mullet jumping, their soft splashes in the still water lending lovely ambiance to the scene. The water is reflecting the blue sky and yellow sun. I let go of my hectic schedule and begin to relax.

My friend, Mr. Fisherman, comes down to the water in his waders and heads out into the water with his rod. I tell him the fish are jumping, and he tells me they are mullet. They won't bite the bait he is offering, since they are vegetarian. He leaves me sitting there, curious, but enjoying the sight of three fishermen in a boat gliding gently across the bay, shadowed against the sun, and pelicans sailing silently just above the water looking for food.

I love the way the colors of the water change as the sun sinks lower on the horizon. Bright yellow, to gold, to pinks and oranges. From the time I arrive at the wall, to the time the sun actually sets, approximately 45 minutes flow past. I talk to my Daddy, Creator, Lover and Friend. I tell Him my hopes and dreams, and I KNOW He holds me securely in His hands, and that he LOVES me. I sit, bathed in pink, orange, and purple hues, surrounded by love, and I know that all my past pain brings me a greater appreciation for present and future happiness.

Thank you, Daddy, for the beautiful date. I will talk to you every day, and I will see you at work again next Tuesday.


  1. So wonderfully written...I can just picture it. That is one of the many things I miss about Florida - the Sunsets. One of the best days Randy and I ever had started in Coco Beach watching the sun rise together just the three of us Randy and I and our Creator and then played for awhile drove home and thought what the heck and drove straight to a beach in St Petersburg and watched the sunset again just the three of us........God is so awesome!