Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's coming....and some random stuff

it's coming...
I leave for South Africa in 5 days. I can't wait, but I guess I must. Life has been interesting to say the least, and it's going to get more so when I come home.

and other stuff....
  • So recently on Facebook one of my coworkers said he wanted scientific proof that God exists. I suggested he watch The Privileged Planet. So do you have any favorite comebacks for the skeptics?
  • I'm watching tv tonight and I'm wondering what is the point of a sandwich called the "double down" and if the king of fast food is trying to single-handedly kill Americans with fat. Thoughts? Has anyone tried it?
  • Finally...do you have a favorite scripture? If so, what is it?

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  1. Funny how that works with some people they want scientific proof of God. But yet can't provide any scientific proof that he does not! Everyone has faith in something its what you choose to have faith in. I choose the God that has plans to prosper me, plans for a future. And there really is quite a bit of scientific proof. Most see it tho, and choose not to believe even when its in their face. Sad but true.