Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stats Stink Sunday...

A truly random edition...

  1. Took a break from Facebook this week and proved to myself how addicted I really am to the constant influx of information. I'll be reevaluating its purpose in my life and taking steps to ensure that it keeps me connected to the people I care about, while reducing the number of constant updates from my vast sea of acquaintances.
  2. Mercy Me is back on tour with the Rock and Worship Roadshow. They broadcast their concerts live online via UStream. Check it out HERE. All I can say is: David Crowder and Mercy Me for FREE, y'all! Skorinc is doing a fabulous job with these broadcasts.
  3. Life is so very busy. I'm leaving for South Africa in 6 months. I have decided to reenter the "no dating zone" until I get back. Dating relationships need to take a back seat so I can focus on what I need to do to prepare for the mission.
  4. Happy the weather finally seems to have turned warm enough to pull some of my lighter clothing out of the closet. I'm supposed to go to the beach today...Since I've had a fairly intense three weeks I'm looking forward to just relaxing on the warm sand with my friends. However, if it continues to rain, I suppose we will have to settle for movie day instead.
Next time: A long promised post explaining why I am going to South Africa.

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  1. I was wondering where you had went :)Wish I could be at the beach or movie day with you, hope your friends know how lucky they are to have you with them! Miss you like crazy!!! We definately need to plan a LONG visit next time I come into town, lol