Sunday, March 7, 2010

stats stink sunday

Statistically, blogs don't get read on Sunday. So SSS is kind of a "phone it in" where you put random thoughts in bullet points and hit publish post.

  • Three of my friends received major victories in their lives this week. I am happy for each and overjoyed that one of those victories involved salvation for 2 little boys.
  • I joined the intercessory team at church. These people are SERIOUS about prayer.
  • I am halfway through 26.2, which is a class offered by my church that involves discovering your spiritual gifts and learning the best place to apply them.
  • Some interesting things unfolding in singles ministry.
  • I have a test Tuesday night and am doing everything I can to avoid studying for it. I am NOT enjoying this class at all, but so far it has been pretty easy.
  • God keeps sending "love" scriptures to me. I am learning the practical application of I Cor 13. It's not easy.

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