Sunday, November 22, 2009

stats stink sunday

Yeah, the weeks go by soooo fast.

1. Sad I couldn't go to the FBL Church Picnic. Miss my peeps there.
2. On Saturday, I got my haircut, went clothes shopping, car maintenance, and more shopping...then the Divorce Care group had a special session called Surviving the Holidays. So it was a busy, full day and I was exhausted at the end of it.
3. I am writing this to put off actually writing my six page Lit paper, due Wednesday.
4. The sky is black. Has been for a while. Rain already. Sheesh.
5. I have the house to myself this week. Kinda weirdly quiet.
6. I need a new dictionary. The one I have doesn't list the word "bricolage". Don't ask me what it means: I don't know -- it's like my dictionary WANTS me to be illiterate.
7. I am going to South Africa next fall. It's all a God thing. He's awesome.
8. Looking for cheap airfare to go home for Christmas, and yes, I HAVE checked whatever website you're going to suggest.
9. I keep intending on writing a post on something spiritually significant from the beginning of the month, but with school and work and other stuff overshadowing, I haven't put the time in that it deserves. Maybe on Thanksgiving.
10. David Crowder was over the top awesome. Had a great time. :)

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