Sunday, November 29, 2009

stats really do stink on sunday. and other random stuff

1. I had an awesome, relaxing, and completely fun filled Thanksgiving.

2. Going with the flow and being flexible is much more enjoyable then setting a rigid schedule and demanding that other people stick to it.

3. Had breakfast with my bff from Virginia on Saturday. One of the highlights of my week.

4. Dipping my big toe back into the dating pool. Surprisingly enough, not as weird as I feared it would be.

5. Christmas is - and has always been - my favorite holiday. I'm going back to Philly again this year. Can't wait. I even have a new winter coat for which I didn't have to fork over an arm and a leg. (Go Kohl's BF sale!)

6. Hopefully I now have an adequate wardrobe. I think I've replaced it 4 times in the past year. Last thing on the list: boots. Next stop: Payless.

Have a blessed week. (((HUGS)))

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