Monday, February 1, 2010

its a rant. feel free to skip it.

I love the internet. I love how it connects me to people I love all over the country. Sending emails is SOOO much better than actually writing a letter. Writing an actual letter makes my wrist hurt and my fingers get little bumpy indents. Really. Email is so much better. And faster. Unless you have a gazillion email accounts. Then you're just showing off. Unless you created different accounts for different reasons. Like to avoid SPAM!!!

What a word: SPAM. When I was younger it came to my mailbox. Delivered by a very hardworking mailman with a huge bulging mail bag. Big glossy ads in lovely magazines, and credit card offers that you always KNEW were junk mail because they somehow spelled your last name wrong. Then there was the "chain" letters. Remember those? You'd have to copy them by hand over and over and forward them to your friends because, God forbid, anyone bring bad luck on themselves by being too lazy to forward the daggum things. So now we don't have to write them out by hand, and they come by the dozens to our inboxes.

Chain emails are easy to send. Hit the forward button, choose the first 7, 12, 15, or 20 unfortunate people and away it goes. No bad luck for ME today, thank you very much! I have two real issues with them:
1. They are just plain annoying.
2. I don't hear from you unless you send me spam.
Honestly, did you even BOTHER to check SNOPES before you sent me that email about toxic tampons? And that chocolate chip cookie receipe? Total lie. What those "spiritual" prayers? Did you ever stop to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'm not one of those pewwarmers, and I actually have a relationship with God and He told me I could delete anything as stupid and rote as those so-called "prayers", and offer instead a meaningful, heartfelt, loving paragraph just for you. (At least, I would if you took the time to send me a REAL email telling me what's on your mind so I could PRAY for you.) Then there are the gut-wrenching stories about little Johnny's encounter with an angel. They do not make me feel good about the world. Really. Especially when at the end you THREATEN me if I don't forward it to everyone on my contacts list. The preachy ones that tell me I'm afraid to show my Christianity if I don't forward it get deleted the fastest. I'm not afraid to stand up for Christ; however, I am NOT going to do it by forwarding an email to everyone that's ever shared their email address with me.

But the political ones really get to me. At lot of them are untrue, unfounded, and just plain HATE mail. The most recent one I got involved questioning why Michelle Obama is no longer able to practice law. It calls into question the integrity of both our President and his wife. I am by NO MEANS saying that the accusations in the email are not true. I don't know the facts, and I'm too busy to care. He's our President and I respect the position. Now you all have the freedom of speech to say what you think. That's the beauty of the country we live in. All this to say: if you send it to me, the buck stops here. It's not being forwarded, so save yourself a few keystrokes. And on behalf of all the other poor people in your contacts list: stop sending it to them too.


  1. Love it! I love those emails that say if you forward it, you will receive a huge financial blessing within so many hours, or if you don't forward it, you will have bad luck for so many years. I believe God is the one who decides my future and I sure hope it isn't based on what emails I forward or don't forward. :-)

    I miss seeing you, Gillian. Glad I can keep up on FB.

  2. Good stuff! I am with you on the political thing too-I didn't vote for Obama, but I don't think he can single handedly destroy our country....but God can. :-)
    LOve you!

  3. I delete all of those letters mentioned above. They really are spam even if they're sent by friends.