Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Lemonade

Well, here we are back at positive post Tuesday! This week went by so fast, and so much happened.

1. Wednesday night I rushed out of work to head to a Stats test, but when I tried to start the car, I only heard "click-click-click"...I flagged down a coworker who said he had jumper cables, and called my friend Bob. Long story short, I needed a new battery. Most people would say nothing good could possibly come of this, but I learned that I will survive just fine in this type of crisis without hubby.

2. Thursday, I took my sore throat to the Walk-in clinic and found out I was in the early stages of bronchitis. Good thing I went, because it prevented the infection from spreading. The second good thing was that I found out I've lost over 40 pounds since last July. Since I threw out my scale when I moved, I have had no other way of telling what I've lost. Woohoo!!

3. A co-worker was teasing me about my too-large pants. Told me they were like parachute pants, cause they are sooo baggy. So I went shopping, found a pair that fit, and is four sizes smaller from where I started last summer. PLUS: When I paid, I made a comment about the price, and the cashier told me the pants would be an additional 40% tomorrow. I was going to go back tomorrow, but she decided to give it to me today. So....$89 pants for $27.00. Since I had a gift card for $25, I'm pretty happy.

Even though I missed God's sunset, I definitely know He was with me anyways.

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